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Moving Beyond Colonial Models of Digital Memory – Exploring the dynamic role of tribal libraries, archives and museums in bridging community values and digital strategy.

In 2017, Historypin worked closely with a group of tribal libraries in New Mexico and interviewed a group of cultural heritage professionals in Southern California. This was part of an IMLS Planning Grant: Digital Memory in Rural Tribal Libraries: A Program for Technology Training & Memory Gathering, grant LG-72-16-0113-16. Recognizing the problems with asking such a question as outsiders, and the potential of propagating colonial patterns of extraction and trauma, we asked Jennifer Himmelreich (Diné), someone with first hand knowledge and experience in this field, to lead the research. In working with our tribal partners, she very quickly turned the question around to have the research better suit their needs, asking instead, “how can community values inform digital strategy in tribal libraries, archives and museums?”

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Jon Vosspast
Nothing About Us Without Us

The document summarizes some of the core findings of the Summit–themes that have also arisen in many other cultural heritage conferences and meetings over the past year:

  • Safe Space for Disruptive Dialogue

  • Funding for Transformative Gatherings

  • Equitable and Ethical Collaboration

  • Diversifying Technology Production in Cultural Heritage Spaces

  • Integrating Community Archives Into Traditional Cultural Heritage Spaces

  • Social Innovation and Rethinking Goals and Objectives in the Cultural Heritage Sector

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Jon Vosspast